250 - 630mm

Product Description

This equipment is designed to weld constant voltage electrofusion fittings suitable for medium and high pressure PE pipe work systems from 250mm to 630mm diameter (10” to 24”).

The welding output of this equipment is a controlled voltage of 79V.

It has been designed for the rental market where its rugged design reduces downtime and saves money.

It can weld fittings in Manual mode and Radius Easigrip mode, and has a data log memory of more than 2000 welds that can be downloaded using USB memory.

Product Features

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ACT 80V Product Overview

Effective Weld Diameter  250 - 630mm


  • It is approved to the UK Gas Industry Standard GIS/ECE1.
  • It fully complies with the international standard ISO12176-2.
  • It is dustproof and waterproof to IP65.
  • It has a Residual Current Breaker (RCD) to protect the operator from shock.
  • It is Class 1 earthed (grounded).


  • It is built in a strong glass fibre case.
  • It has a steel protective frame.
  • It has tough rubber cables.
  • It is built for heavy duty usage.


  • It has programmable calibration periods.
  • It has programmable modes of operation, Manual and Easigrip mode.
  • It will work with Operator ID cards.
  • Its software can be upgraded from USB memory.
  • It allows mobile cell phone data transfer.


  • It is a portable and lightweight unit.
  • It has an alphanumeric keypad,
  • It has an easy to read backlit display.
  • It has multi-lingual menus.
  • It displays the welding voltage and current.
  • It displays the supply voltage.
  • It displays the resistance of the connected fitting.
  • It is suitable for use with portable generators.

ACT 80V Specification and Documents

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Operating Modes Manual, Easi Grip
Welding Voltage 79V
Welding Current 1-65A (100A Peak)
Welding Time 1-3600 seconds
Supply Voltage 115V +/- 15% (40-70Hz)
Supply Current 1-65A
Supply Power 7500 W
Weight 20 kg
Size 38 x 38 x 40 cm
Temperature -15C to +50C

Technical Information

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