Advance Welding manufactures and sells the complete range of Electrofusion Welding Units and associated tooling, designed to join Petrochemical Pipes.

These products have been designed to weld the PetroTechnik UPP petrol distribution system.

UPP is the world’s leading non-metallic underground pipe work and containment system for use at petrol filling stations and fuel storage depots, marinas, boiler houses and other fuel transfer applications. UPP is EN, UL and cUL 971 approved.

UPP piping systems are designed in various diameters, from 32-160mm (1″-6″) for the transfer of fuels in filling station forecourts, marinas, and airports. UPP systems are also used for government and military installations as well as many industrial sites such as mines and rail depots.

At the heart of the UPP system is a highly efficient electrofusion welding system which connects pipe and fittings to create a seamless direct burial pipe-work system. The welding operation, easily and quickly carried out, even in confined spaces and any climatic conditions, uses the UPP system’s lightweight portable electrofusion welding unit to form the strongest of assemblies.

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