Using the ControlPoint software built into one of our units, a number of features are added in relation to joint location and integrity. The following explains the nature of this realtime information and some FAQs on how the system works.

Once joint data has been captured on site, the next step is to transfer this data in a way that allows for ‘real time’ analysis and decisions.

Here is a selection of the questions that ControlPoint was asked in this area –

  • Is there a method of transferring data from site to an external portal automatically?
  • Can this be done automatically in real time?
  • Is it possible for these joints to be inspected on arrival by a team with a thorough knowledge of joint integrity?
  • Can the relevant people be alerted immediately of any joints that have incurred problems that will need to be reviewed before they are buried in the ground?
  • Could the same piece of technology be used to transfer other data immediately (such as pressure testing)?

The standout feature of the questions above is that time is of the essence. Such is the nature of the jointing process, there is a critical period before the joint is buried that will determine the long term integrity of the process. As a result, the ‘real time’ aspect is one that has been emphasised by contractors and asset owners.

How ControlPoint in Advanced Welding units benefits contractors…

  • Dramatically increase confidence in integrity of your PE pipelines and save money in the process.
  • Save potentially expensive mistakes from being made in an instant – just one incident saved could save hundreds of thousands of pounds (leaks, reinstatements, compensation, litigation).
  • Establish that joints are correctly installed, prior to pipe being buried.
  • Ensure a standard of installation is implemented across all projects, regardless of operator.

How ControlPoint benefits asset owners…

  • Prove to your client that you do the job better than anyone else – win more business.
  • Identify good performance and bad performance by region, project, equipment, operator etc.
  • Ensure your teams are doing the job correctly – avoid costs of a failed joint (contractors can foot the bill for very expensive failures).
  • More and more asset owners are requiring joint data to be sent for projects. With ControlPoint this is done automatically – again saving time and money.
  • Data is stored on secure servers and can be instantly accessed online for years to come – no painstaking work recovering data from numerous offices and files.

For more information on which Electrofusion Welding Units are compatible with the ControlPoint system, please Contact Us.