ATS Range


Do you want to improve efficiency by saving time and money? The ATS180 range of electrofusion processors can help you do just that! It’s available in three great options, in a shoulder bag, in a frame or combined with a generator, ideally suited for any and all of your requirements!

Being small and lightweight, the bag and frame versions are easy to carry making them a comfortable one-man lift, avoiding unnecessary workplace injuries. Being lighter also helps avoid vans being overloaded, allowing more pipes, fittings and accessories to be carried so reducing costly trips back to the depot to restock. This increases efficiency and reduces operating costs. The bag version is designed with an easy to carry shoulder bag making it quicker and safer to carry over uneven ground.

The three versions are listed below if you need more information on any of these ATS units please contact

The ATS180 units have been fully approved to the Gas Industry Standards (GIS), not only meeting but exceeding many of the requirements for safety and quality. They are fully approved to be used on all the UK gas networks. They are also fully compliant with the Water Industry Standards (WIS) and allowed to be used on the UK water networks. All versions of the ATS180 are fully compliant with the European standard for electrofusion, ISO12176-2.