Saddle Clamp 32-125mm

Specification Details

Operating range: 32mm to 125mm
Operating type: Top loading clamp
Size: 42cm x 17cm x 9cm
Weight: 3.1kg
Operating temperature: -50C to +60C

Saddle Clamp 125mm

 32 - 125mm

Product Description

This tool has been designed to hold saddles onto pipe at the correct pressure, before and during the electrofusion process.

It works with tapping saddles, branch saddles and purge saddles.

The tool has been designed to work on saddles that have a 32mm stack. Saddles with stacks of 63mm, 90mm and 125mm can be held using a special adapter foot.

Product Features

The arm automatically locks into position when pressure is applied to the saddle.

An indicator button in the middle of the handle shows when the tool is loaded to the correct pressure.

The pipe holding foot will rotate to allow the tool to be used in a narrow trench.

The small compact design is especially useful when using this tool in a confined space or where other service pipes are close by.

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