Rotary scraper

Specification Details

Operating range: 63mm to 250mm

63mm to 400mm

Operating type: Rotary, hand driven
Size: 41cm x 21cm x 15cm
Weight: 6.0kg
Operating temperature: -50C to +60C

Rotary Scraper

 63 - 400mm

Product Description

This tool has been designed to quickly and precisely scrape the surface of PE or PP pipe before the electrofusion process takes place.

The scraper is a fully automatic rotary pipe surface preparation tool, designed to prepare pipe diameters from 63 mm to 250 mm (up to SDR11) and from 63mm to 400mm (up to SDR17).

This is an automatic hand driven pipe scraper that clamps onto the pipe wall and rotates around it, peeling off a predefined thickness of plastic to give the correct surface preparation.


Product Features

It is fully adjustable to work with any pipe size within its range.

It has a hardened tungsten carbide blade to give a long cutting life.

It has a quick release button to allow the cutter to be moved up and down the pipe quickly.

It clamps onto the wall of the pipe, not the centre, allowing it to correctly scrape oval pipes.

It has a replaceable cutter blade to extend the life of the tool.

It is supplied in a steel carrying box to protect it from damage.

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