55 – 125mm Multi Clamp

Specification Details

Operating range: 55mm to 125mm
Operating type: 2 way Universal & 3 way Universal
Standard sizes:
46cm x 17cm x 29cm
63mm, 90mm, 125mm (other sizes available upon request)
Weight: 5.0kg
Operating temperature: -50C to +60C


55 - 125mm Multi Clamp

 55 - 125mm

Product Description

This tool has been designed to restrain, align and re-round pipe before and during the electrofusion process.

It works with pipes from 55mm to 125mm in diameter.

The tool has been designed to work in confined spaces and can be used in narrow trenches due to its slim design. It is available as a 2-way clamp for couplers, elbows and reducers, and as a 3-way clamp for tees.

Product Features

The clamping rings will rotate to preset positions of 45 and 90 degrees to allow elbows to be held.

Liner shells clip in and out of the holding rings to allow different diameter pipes and reducers to be held and re-rounded.

An additional arm can be added to the tool to make it three way that allows tees to be held.

Imperial sizes of shells can also be provided on request.

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