250 – 400mm Multi Clamp

Specification Details

250 – 400mm Multi Clamp
Operating range 250mm to 400mm
Operating type 2 way Universal
Approvals UK: GIS/PL2-5
Size 100cm x 49cm x 59cm
Optional Size’s 250mm, 280mm 315mm, 355mm (smaller sizes available upon request)
Weight 22.75kg
Operating temperature -50C to +60C

250 – 400mm Multi Clamp

 250 - 400mm

Product Description

This tool has been designed to restrain, align and re-round pipe before and during the electrofusion process.

Our standard range of liner shells allows the clamp to be used with pipes from 250mm to 400mm in diameter, however, smaller sizes available upon request.

The tool has been designed to work with pipe sizes commonly found in mains installation. It is available as a 2-way clamp for couplers, elbows, and reducers.


Product Features

The clamping rings will rotate through 360 degrees to allow elbows up to 90 degrees to be held.

Liner shells attach via a locking pin to allow different diameter pipes and reducers to be held and re-rounded.

The clamp has been designed to be lightweight in the field and can be attached to the pipe as one unit or built up in situ where space is a premium. An innovative feature allows the clamp to be installed upside down and on top of the pipe whilst still allowing access to the clamping bolts from above.

A 12” IPS version is also available with imperial sizes of liner shells.