Statement of Sale

After sixteen years of growing the business from just three people in a garage, up to a successful medium sized company employing thirty people and having a strong product range, the shareholders had to look at all options on how to take the next step and grow Advance Welding in to a large size company. It was a difficult decision, and the best way to secure investment in the new battery-powered Efuze technology was to sell the business to Indutrade. They are a Swedish company who own more than two hundred companies in more than thirty countries. They have the strength to help grow Advance Welding in to the company it can be, and focus on the sustainability of the Efuze products.

As part of the sale, our friend, colleague and Managing Director, Graham Tannant, is retiring. Stepping up to take his role will be Kevin Wilkinson. We would like to take the opportunity to say Congratulations! To Graham, and Good Luck! To Kevin.

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